Ginger Geezer

You might not believe this - but that is Vivian and Ki and the Tube. Wrote a poem to go with it, but buggered if I can find the thing. Soon as I do, it be here.

Found it! After all this time, I bloody found it! This is what was written on the back of that year's Christmas card:

But darling, I said,
Head eating Head—
Is that your Christmas design?
Much better instead
Santa's fat tread,
(Distingue in red)
Reindeering down roofy incline.

Now madam, he said,
I'd snifter be dead
Than dabble with taste anodyne.
It's me for the dread
Of head totem head,
(Great noses outspread)
And line upon line upon line.

So it's him for the Art,
But I'll show the old fart—
By claiming the last line for


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