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A Library of Articles on Vivian, some bordering on Fiction

Described by Stephen Fry thusly :- The late, majestic and remarkable Vivian Stanshall, one of the most talented, profligate, bizarre, absurd, infuriating, unfathomable, and magnificent Englishmen ever to draw breath.

Described by John Peel like zo :- Even the most successful and big headed among us are aware when we are in the presence of a greater being, and Viv was that greater being.

Described as such by Michael Palin :- 'We thought we were being pretty wacky and weird and odd-ball and off-the-wall, Palin said. But even Palin admitted to finding the Doo Dah Band's front-man, Viv Stanshall, a bit enigmatic at times.

Bless you Vivian, on whatever madcap planet you are enshrined. We love you and miss you terribly. :- So sayeth Douglas Barrett Jones

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