Ginger Geezer

Sir Henry At Rawlinson End by Vivian Stanstall

1978 Charisma CAS 1139
Featuring Steve Winwood, Jim Cuomo, Julian Smedley, Pete Moss
With special thanks to John and Wally for their suffering and encouragement at Brainwashing House

Review from

The Poet-laureate that never was, August 5, 1999

Reviewer: A music fan from Huddersfield, UK

The finest 20th Century English poet is yet to be realised as thus. Vivian Stanshall, very sadly missed, had such a magical grasp of his native language, changing yet changeless as canal water, that no matter how inebriated, one cannot hope to compare. My only enduring hero from my teenage years. Please, do yourself a favour, buy this sublime work of art.

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  1. Aunt Florrie's Waltz
  2. Interlewd
  3. Wheelbarrow
  4. Socks
  5. The Rub
  6. Nice 'N' Tidy
  7. Pigs 'Ere Purse
  8. 6/8 Hoodoo
  9. Smeeton
  10. Fool & Bladder
  11. Endroar
  12. Junglebunny
  13. The Beasht Inshide
  14. Rawlinsons & Maynards
  15. Papadumb

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