Ginger Geezer

Vivian's VERSA


It was midnight in the lighthouse,
and a strange strange shape was the moon!
And a stranger shape was the keeper's face
as he whistled a terrible tune.

And the music he was whistlin'
was horrible on the ears!

Wiv a strangled cough the old man lurched,
and grasped the lighthouse bell.
And his dying gasp was a ghastly rasp:
"I see a ship - from hell!"

And the knell he was tolling
was 'orrible on the ears.

'Tis the prison ship Profanity,
and the Captain's name is Morgan!
Mad & disfigured - he mocks at death,
and the music of his mad organ.

Is mad! And Morgan's madness:
'Orrible on the ears!

Ooooh, I can't bear to see his face,
Nor his crew of crazed musicians.
Nor hear their banshee overtures.
with never an intermission.
(Whistle, dan, dan, riff, bell!)
And their braying, scraping, roaring -
is 'orrible on the ears.

Edith Knumb goes to bed in her corsets, She's so full of joy & sardines.

(repeat as desired in fonts various)


It's raining in Bombay,
but hardly ever here.
And yet Prince Charles' complexion
remains exceedin clear?
As for the Princess Di -
she shys her eyes but shows her thighs.
A bit of skirt? Flagrant a flirt.

Now all the King's son in their glorious flighthood
will deny me my frightful, rightful knighthood.

Women and wombats are so closely linked,
I had no idea - you're so perfectly pink.
I dreamed of a wombat last night in my cot -
could be a woman, but probably not.
If I married a wombat and we walked down the aisle,
we'd have a big pouch
for Ma and Pa's supial smile.


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