Ginger Geezer

Gorilla—click thru (Vivian loved spelling through as thru)


Oct-67 Liberty LBL/LBS 83056 (also Sunset SLS 50160)
1980 United Artists LBR 1019
One Way Records S21 17370 (USA)
Dedicated to Kong who must have been a great bloke
  1. Cool Britannia (Trad., arr. V. Stanshall/N. Innes)
  2. The Equestrian Statue (N. Innes)
  3. Jollity Farm (L. Sarony)
  4. I Left My Heart In San Fransicso (D. Cross)
  5. Look Out, There's A Monster Coming (V. Stanshall)
  6. Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold
  7. Death Cab For Cutie (V. Stanshall)
  8. Narcissus (Nevin)
  9. The Intro And The Outro (V. Stanshall)
  10. Mickey's Son And Daughter (Lisbona/Connor)
  11. Big Shot (V. Stanshall)
  12. Music For The Head Ballet (N. Innes)
  13. Piggy Bank Love (N. Innes)
  14. I'm Bored (V. Stanshall)
  15. The Sound Of Music (Rogers & Hammerstein)

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