Ginger Geezer


Lyrics by Legs Larry Smith

Deep male voices -
"Viv has gone to heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven...
  Viv has gone to heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven... "
Thrilling violin ascending thingys
soaring to horns!
followed by Neil’s nimble noodling...
Sweet girlie chorus sings!
"Darling Vivian
  We love you.
  Darling Vivian
  We miss you.
  Oooh weee oooh."
  x 3
Discord & accordion!
Sweet girlies return!
"Darling Vivian
  We love you
  Darling Vivian
  We miss you
  Oooh weee oohh
  x 2
  The world’s a safer place
  Without you,
  We’re sunk without a trace
  a (dose?*) of speckled herring
  You rascal!
  Ooooh ooo ohhh."

(Hello, Larry? Is that ‘dose’? It sounds like dose. And then again... ?)

© copyright 1996 by Larry Smith


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