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Art and Fart

Anonymous Bosch (the secret Nazi)

Mr. Bosch was so fond of splosch
that undersea each autumn,
he'd sketch the stretching octopod,
for there's no need to distort 'em.

In the Sachensee tide,
he'd relax & hide
from the Popes who branded him 'queer'.
  'Conform!' they crowed, 'you pantheist toad!
   Take away his beer!'

'We don't mind Hell informal -
but for Heaven's sake, picture it normal!
Your freaks & shocks are unorthodox,
and it makes us look silly, y'hear?'

Still, our hero eponymous,
the snorkeling Hieronymus,
made paintings wet & ominous.
But stayed mostly submerged
and Anonymous.


Willem de Kooning is rudely de-tuning
a banjo he plucks
with a duck
in the bath.
Goes off balloning (when drawing is boring),
drawls: "I just can't bare
for my Art."

In the clouds crooning ragtime, de Kooning,
(expressionless, save -
for a frown
on his cheeks),
loudly lampooning with gestures babooning
the guggenheim gapers
who swoon
at his streaks.

Hooray for de Kooning!
Iconoclasm Hail!
Sun-stroked & mooning
de Kooning, hurray!


Whilst Michael and Gello
were doing that ceiling,
Mike 'ellos to his mate:
"I've this 'orrible feeling
we've been 'ere for months
lying' up 'ere on this plank,
kippin' 'ere, noshing,
(the occasional wank) -
I betcha Posterity'll bloody recall -
we are both just one bloke
'ooo was fright'ningly tall!"


The Parisian dauber Utrillo said,
"I polish my throat with a Brillo-pad.
Tho' I cause my chords vocal a fearful itch,
O! I wing for a dove - at cathedral pitch!"
Thrilled by his bellows, a Countess breathed,
    trill -
    O, you do!"
Utrillo sneered,
"Lady, just pin back your ears.
Here's the castrato whole
of 'The Gondoliers'!"

Asterisks (Notes For The Foot)

Last night I dreamed I wrote: 'The Albatross' by Baudelaire,
And I was saddened.
This morning I woke up: I hadn't,
I was saddened.

Poem For Grimms

Our love stretched its lips across entire continents,
And made a baboon,
Of the world.


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