Ginger Geezer

Can you read the above? I hope so. Vivian once said to me, about a year or so after unplugging his mortal coil (or if that makes you squirm, I'll pretend he said it in my dreams) that he was painting a symphony with Lennon. John, of course. For any and all alive yet still sensitive enough to see and to hear, they were painting the sky over London with sound. I believed it then. I believe it now. I'm not exactly credulous as hell (wrong wife, for one thing), but I believe all sorts of odd and wonderful things. Why not? Who can disprove them?

(A big hello to Katherine 'Kajuk' Kimberley who found this in the Fortean Times. Said she: "... this is the Guru cartoon which was in honour of Viv's passing. This was very unusual because it was the only time the cartoon mentioned a real person.")

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